Living in Paris

Paris. The city of romance, fashion capital, art and history hub of the world. I’m lucky to be living in Paris, and I am in love. It’s a dream. Paris even looks more picturesque when it rains, because there is a certain element of nostalgia and romance that makes everyone look like they’re in a movie. The first thing I noticed when I moved here was the smell of freshly baked bread, which you can spot straight away when walking past the local bakery. Smells of home. Smells of childhood. Freshly made pastries displayed on shop counters, people scouring for the last pain au chocolat for their children while others test the crackly sound of baked bread which is like music to the ears. Just like in the movies, people commute on bikes with straw baskets and a baguette to take home. On every corner there is a fresh fruit and vegetable stand, a fromagerie, boulangerie or boucherie.

People tell me that Parisians have a bad reputation. But I’ve found that they aren’t so bad. People would say bonne journée or bonjour a lot when you’re at the supermarket, in the lift, at work, in the public toilets. And in the evenings it’s usually bonne soirée! It’s common courtesy and I admire how polite everyone is.

In Paris everyone sits out on the café patios spilled out onto the pavement, from brasseries and bistros dotted around the city, Parisians sip hot coffee unbothered by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The French love their wine, and prize it. In the summer, it’s common sense to sit out by the Seine and enjoy wine with some good cheese and saucissons. They love to indulge in life’s guilty pleasures, the #1 rule of being a Parisian.

In the park, women flaunt their best summer dresses or denim jeans and a white tee and red lipstick. There is always something so chic about Parisian fashion and that it looks elegant and effortless. Maybe it’s the je ne sais quoi attitude. Simplicity is what they want to acquire, and it’s beyond everything else.

I live next to the Canal St. Martin which is in the 10ème arrondissement, which is absolutely stunning. When it’s nice out, everyone sits outside when it’s sunny and enjoy a good book or lay out picnic with friends. Last week there was a music festival outside my apartment, and I happened to miss it because I fell asleep… Anyways, I love how there is always something to do when in Paris. I went to a museum at the Fondation Louis Vuitton about a week ago, and a jazz festival at the Parc floral the day after that.This is pretty much my first impression of the city. Je vous tiens au courant! (which means I will update you on my next adventure *wink*)

At a brasserie in Opéra Garnier
Beware! This isn’t Arc de Triomphe… Just some random Arch
Canal Saint Martin
South African exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton


À bientôt!