My 12-hr night out in Paris

9pm – Arrived at Invalides station. Brought Smirnoff in a paper bag from Franprix before meeting up with friends. No judging. It was cheap okay? Went to chill with them at our favourite spot by the Seine river to do a cute little predrinks. Smirked at the ones who brought wine and drinking glasses. First signs of adapting to the French culture.

10pm – Sky got darker and getting a bit tipsy. Drinking my smirnoff out of a wine glass. Still chatting, in French, Spanish, Portuguese. Amazing what alcohol does. Shout out to my language buddies. Andddd finished the bottle.

11pm – Queued up to FLOW, a party boat with a rooftop bar and an underground club. Met two strangers in suits also queueing, about middle-aged and got talking. They smiled at how young we were. Went upstairs, still in disbelief about being on a boat on the SEINE river!! Got to the open-air rooftop bar, hesitating between a glass of prosecco for 8 euros or white wine. Not bad for the view, Eiffel tower and Pont Alexandre in sight. Met a few more French people. Tried to explain what ‘grime’ was to them in French – a real challenge.

12pm – Got into the club downstairs. 80s-90s-00s music videos played on the projector screen on the stage, next to the DJ. Surprised at the age range from the people inside. Spotted a few silver foxes. Everyone danced the night away wishing they were young again.

1am – Still dancing. The Macarena, Britney Spears and the Ketchup song played. Surprised I knew all the words to Hit Me Baby one more timeeeeee. Finally showing off those embarassing disco moves. Also trying to sing along to 80s French hits I’ve never heard before LOLL

2am – Random guy dancing to MJ on stage. Was pretty good though, until people started joining and cramping the stage. Security urged everyone off later. The same two guys bought us drinks. Big thank you.

3am – The shameless walk out, and thus began the search for the nearest McDonald’s. Wondered if it was open. Feet are tired, sat on a ledge. We head to the Rue of Rivoli (not ravioli) on Google Maps and I cringe at our bad map reading skills. Walked for 20 minutes straight only to find out it’s closed. Great.

4am – Started smelling some food. Or hallucinating? So HANGRY could kill. Spotted another club and asked the bouncer for the nearest restaurant open. Negative. Then came the idea to take an Uber all the way to Montmartre to see the sunrise. Agreed.

5am – Arrived at SacrΓ©-Coeur. Started scouring for food and walked down the steps for some restaurants. Nothing was open. Still not close to where the sun would rise. Rises in the East and sets in the West. Two strangers approached us, looking drugged. Asked us if we wanted cocaine. Luckily we escaped…

6am – Found the sunrise! Buried myself under a scarf. Still cold. Two Morrocans approached us and sounded nice. Led us to their car towards the back of SacrΓ©-Coeur, but it was a bad idea so we headed back. Got an amazing view of the sunrise though.

7am – Ordered an Uber to get home. Legs too tired to be walking to the metro right now. THANK goodness.

8am – In the car, pondering life. Streets were empty on an early Sunday morning. What a hell of a good night. Got home, opened door, eyes red, feet sore. Although not feeling tired.

9am – Exhaustion kicks in. Cuddled up in my bedsheets, eyes shut, sleeping.



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