The ‘Nature Feels’ Project

Out of the blue, a few weeks ago a photographer reached out to me on Instagram, asking me if I would be interested in featuring in his project. He happened to live in the area and wanted to work on a photoshoot together en pleine nature, and said it would have to be in Parc de Noisiel. I had no idea where it was, but I was super excited and said yes!

Although Parc de Noisiel turns out to be near Disneyland, miles away from where I was in Paris, I still decided to go for it. At first I really didn’t know what to expect and neither had an outfit for the photoshoot, so on the same day I quickly popped into Zara and grabbed the first floral dress I saw. All I knew was that it had to be red so that it could really stand out from the background. Then, I was on the hunt for a flower crown, which I thought would be impossible to find. I trekked all the way to Concorde with no luck. It was until I passed a couple of shops on Rue de Rivoli and stumbled upon a boutique where I found a gorgeous crown with white orchids and pearls. After, I took a train all the way to Noisiel station by RER, which was about 40 minutes away from Nation station. It was miles away just to get to Parc de Noisiel.

When we got there, it started to drizzle a bit. Jude, my photographer was getting slightly worried. The photoshoot would never work if it started pouring down with rain. We started off the shoot, and I took off my high-heeled boots (I have no idea why I decided to go for these for the day) and stood bare-feet on wet autumn-like leaves. My hair was damp, my feet were dirty and I was worried that my make-up would somehow vanish. We moved around, trekked to the best spots, took photos as I stood in grass, shrubs, flower gardens, bust out dance moves, jump and sit on sharp rocks by the lake. The park was amazing, though. I listened to his instructions and did the best I could. At one moment I had to lie down on a tree trunk, and I also nearly fell into a lake when I was stepping onto the boulders. Although it was tough physically, we kept going, and when we finished we realized that we ended up taking 400 photos in the span of two hours! The next thing you knew, it started to rain heavily, and what a good thing that I had remembered to bring my umbrella with me. Despite the rain, wet feet and the fact that my dress got soaked in the end, it was totally worth it though, seeing the incredible result.

I want to give my very special thanks to Jude Foulard for taking these incredible photos and for inviting me to participate in his project <3 Merci du fond de mon coeur ! C’était un vrai plaisir d’avoir collaboré avec toi dans ce projet.

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