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Reflections at the Panthéon and the importance of gratitude

Inside the panthéon in Paris

Last Sunday, I took myself on a day trip into Paris, because it was nice out and I needed to refresh my mind. I wanted to make sure I got out of my apartment and not spend my weekends locking myself indoors. It was definitely an effort, but I’m glad I made the decision. After going up to Chinatown to grab a few of my favorite Asian sauces to make my mom’s best stir fries (I miss home food so much), I decided to head over to the Panthéon for a tour. I did get stopped by security for carrying a huge bottle of plum sauce. LOL!

Inside the panthéon in Paris

The place was beautiful. The architecture was gorgeous, there were pillars that held a giant dome, arches and nearly 20-feet high paintings. I was stunned at everything I saw, and went down to the crypt to see Voltaire’s and Victor Hugo’s tomb. It was crazy to think about it because they were such influential people and I remember studying about them at A-level. Yes I’m one of those people who happened to read Les Mis in its original version and Candide, as anyone studying languages will probably have too.

I took a moment to reflect, especially on the personal struggles I went through this year and also on my tough week. In August, Paris was really empty due to the fact that it’s when most people go on holiday. And for me, chaotic cities fuel my creativity and energy. Paris was stuck in a lull for a bit and since I wasn’t doing anything interesting at work due to my boss going on holiday, I was feeling really down. I was drowning myself in negativity.

For the past year or so, negative thoughts came flooding: I kept telling myself I was a failure, and I hadn’t achieved anything worthy in the years that flown by. I was so disappointed in myself and couldn’t bring myself to think about how far I’ve come and my achievements. I was comparing myself to people who seemed to have it all: successful entrepreneur by 21, famous, wealthy or landed the job of their dreams in a blink. I didn’t know which direction I was going in terms of career and in my life, and this was making me feel unhappier and more anxious. But who likes to think about this anyway, shouldn’t we just be focused on the present? I was so desperate for happiness, fulfillment and purpose to come to me so I could stop worrying about the future and feel the enormous weight of it on my shoulders. I remember reading on Forbes that uncertainty can be turned into a good thing, because it fuels curiosity and makes you discover things. That’s how you find your passion.

At this moment I made the deliberate decision to write down all the things I was grateful for that day: good health, a great and loving family, supportive friends and boyfriend – I truly recognized the beauty in living life. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to be in Paris and to be working at Regus with such a lovely team.

I had made the conscious decision to be grateful and I felt better instantly. With gratitude comes a positive mindset. It’s good to look back on experiences, but what I learned from Lifestyle for your Eyes is that we shouldn’t label experiences as being positive or negative. Instead, we should just view them as ‘experiences’ because any experience can come out as positive in the end. We learn from our mistakes and struggles can make us stronger and wiser than ever.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

What are your greatest struggles?

A bientôt!

Bisous xx

2 thoughts on “Reflections at the Panthéon and the importance of gratitude”

  1. Great post!! Thank you so much for the mention and I am super glad I was able to put a different spin on how you label your experiences 🙂 It’s sometimes hard to just accept things as just an experience especially when things are going bad, bad, and bad! Even I get super frustrated at times, so much so that I am brought to tears then I think…why am I crying what about everything else I have going on in my life! I continuously struggle with realizing how much I have accomplished and appreciating it because most times I am trying to think of my next best move to progress. It’s good to look ahead but sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack and appreciate what’s in front of us!

    Best of luck to you! I think we have much in common!!!

    1. Aww thank you so much for reading! Yes your post inspired me so much and I felt a change in me after I read it. Life gets tough sometimes and it’s hard to stay positive if you’re struggling or if you’re going through a tough time. It’s so easy to feel negative, but I think happiness is a choice. It’s making a decision. And thank you best of luck to you too! I love your blog! Will definitely keep up with your posts <3

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