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Our Favorite Autumn Outfits

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, where the leaves start to turn orangy brown and the cool weather means that you can snuggle up in a cozy sweater at home with a cup of tea. It’s that time of the year where your jackets, coats, scarves and wool sweaters lounging in the back of your closet come out. So to prepare a good wardrobe for autumn, here are some outfit ideas that we put together, and I got my friend Aya Mouline to come and help me with this blog post!

I always look for a good coat that I can easily walk out the door in and that will keep me warm on a cool day. I picked mine from Zara and I definitely loved the velvet buttons and the detail around the sleeves. And the fur around the neckline! It’s just so cozy. I picked black (as always) because I love this color, it always makes an outfit look 10x more sophisticated and matches with everything.

For a more daring option, Aya picked a statement piece for a coat like coral pink to mark the transition from summer to autumn, and which can easily be matched with monochromatic outfits or even simple staples like white, light pink or grey.


Another favorite is this gray blazer that I’ve seen loads of fashion bloggers wear. So one day, I spotted the same gray blazer in a flea market, and this one was for 30 euros from Gerard Darel. I’ve paired this one with a plaid skirt from Zara to experiment a bit with the different patterns. It makes me feel like I’m a back in school again, but then again I like wearing it to work because it makes me feel more professional!


I’ve also picked out this mesh bodysuit, because it’s sexy and you can wear them under a jacket and it will still keep you warm. This is probably my favorite bodysuit because you can match it up with pretty much anything.

Here are my shoppable picks for our outfits!

So now it’s down to you guys, what are your favorite outfits to wear for autumn?


Special thanks to Aya Mouline and Khadija!

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