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How to find your personal style

Since I started my fashion blog, I’ve come to realise what style really means. There’s a difference between fashion and style: fashion fades and changes while style is timeless. It’s about being unique. It’s about being YOU. Finding a personal style consists of picking out clothes that we look and feel good in, and which make the best parts of ourselves shine – which is why I think the way we dress has a direct impact on how we feel and act during the day.

Having a style will make life 100x easier, because you won’t be getting items you know won’t fit you, or splurge on things you’d never wear. Trust me, it helps. I’m no professional, but I’ve drafted some simple tips to help you find your personal style.

Wear what you feel most confident in

Find items that make you feel good. Is there a set of clothes that make you feel better than the rest of the things in your wardrobe? What makes you feel more confident?  The pieces that make you feel confident will give you an indication of what your personal style is. Is there a unique piece to you that makes you feel special?


Choose clothes that show your personality. Ask yourself, what is it do you want to show? Is it elegance, eccentricity, quirkiness, daringness, boldness? What clothes do just that? In my case, elegance is always a quality I want to convey, so sticking to pieces that show sophistication will always make me feel good. This is a good way to find a personal style. I tend to pick out fur coats, turtlenecks, boots, chiffon blouses or anything that elevates my look to show a bit more poise.

Choose your style icons

Find style icons that inspire you. Make a vision board for yourself to help you create outfits. Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for that. This way, you can keep up to date with what your favourite style icons are wearing, which will help create different outfits. My favourite style icons are Victoria Beckham for her refined and elegant look, Miranda Kerr for her effortless style and Jeanne Damas for her authentic Parisian looks.

Find what flatters your body shape

Because our body types are all different, we simply can’t look good in EVERYTHING. And I’ve come to realize that. No one’s perfect and I have some imperfections I want to cover up on my body. Some things just don’t look flattering on me at all. A big mistake would be to spend loads of money on them just to look ‘trendy’. This is a big don’t. If something doesn’t look flattering on you, then you will feel it. For me, I wear clothes that flatter the best parts of my physique, like wearing skirts and boots to elongate my legs. Finding what works best for your body shape will leave you feeling more confident and empowered during the day!

Find colors that suit you

Taking a skin-color test will give you a good indication of what color you should be wearing or what colors you look best in. The last thing you want is to have clothes drain out your complexion or leave you more dull-looking.

Finding a personal style means that you get to discover things you didn’t know about yourself. It’s about trying out new things, following your interests and experimenting. I hope you’ll get to start this journey the same way I did. You’d be surprised at how much you didn’t know about yourself.

Hope you’ve found this blog post helpful!

What do you love to wear the most?

Bisous xx