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My Goals for 2018

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Hey guys!

As the New Year is fast approaching, I wanted to share with you some of my goals I’ve jotted down. I’ve learned a lot these past few months and I’ve identified some key things I want focus on for 2018, like create new content for my blog that would help students on their year abroad and guide them in their career choices, or empower girls to have positive body image by sharing my self-care, health and style tips. Obviously, my goals aren’t just centered around my blog, but they do touch upon different areas in my life too.

Here’s what I want to accomplish in 2018:

1. Let go

As the saying goes, ‘Love means letting go.’ And it’s hard to let go of past relationships sometimes, but I feel that in order to start fresh this new year would be to let that person who was holding you back (or who caused you a lot of pain) go. They might be standing in the way of our happiness, or reinforce negativity in our lives, so if they are preventing you from moving forward, then you should probably let that person go. There was a great articleΒ on living a minimalist lifestyle by Zenhabits which I love, and talked about letting go in all areas of life, not just for past relationships.

Oh Elsa, you were so right

2. Spend less, save more

This one, I know, is gonna be hard. Especially as a newcomer in the fashion blogging world, I’m always looking for new clothes and accessories to showcase on my blog, but since Paris is ridiculously expensive (!!) I’d really need to save money this year and stop cluttering my closet with new clothes. So, in 2018 I want to focus on a few key items that I have already and start drafting new content like ‘How to look fashionable on a budget’, or ‘The best bargains and affordable vintage shops in Paris’, or ‘Live a minimalist lifestyle’ for example. And to be perfectly honest, I feel that most people would be able to relate to me, as we’re all just a bunch of students on a budget. I still don’t get how some people can afford those YSL bags, Gucci belts and outrageously expensive and UGLY furry slippers.

3. Research about social media marketing + branding

After six months of doing an internship in marketing, I’ve realized the impact that technology and AI have on marketing strategy. The tech world is changing all the time, so in the coming year I’d love to learn more about how technology impacts not only the world of marketing, but also how we tailor a message to our audience. I want to read up on SEO, UX, UI and all that jazz. Personal branding is also something that I’ve been reading up on recently and realized that authenticity is extremely important to building a brand, so I’ve been working a lot on being myself and just being ‘real’ online.

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4. Read more books

Because I feel like I have still so much to learn, I want to invest in books and read more articles like Medium or The Cut, so I can keep up to date with news. I’ve made a book wish list recently and started buying magazines like Vanity Fair and the Economist, and they’ve also helped. There’s nothing worse than feeling left out in dinner conversations, because you’re not in the loop of what’s going on.

5. Post on Pinterest

I’ve read a quote somewhere that ‘Visuals are the new keyboard’. And Pinterest, an incredible tool for bloggers, shows how powerful visuals can actually be. Pinterest has 200 million active users and it’s also really good for building moodboards for photography and getting inspiration for modeling.

6. Improve photography skills

As I’m getting a camera for my birthday, (YAYY I’M LITERALLY BUZZING), it’s time to scour for popular photography destinations in Paris and take solo trips to take amazing photos. I also want to try the new flatlay technique, which is basically gathering a bunch of pretty bits and bobs and laying them on a table, which I’ve noticed a lot of lifestyle bloggers do.

7. Make a bucket list of must-see destinations

Even in Paris, there are so many places that I still haven’t seen. I want to make a bucket list of all the underrated places and destinations I still haven’t been to in this beautiful city in my last two months here before I go to Chile. There are also a lot of places I’d like to visit in South America, so I want to draft a little bucket list so I can make the most out of my year abroad, and then share my experience with you guys.

8. Discipline myself

I’ve been really bad at staying focused lately on the things that are really important to me. I tend to have this bad habit of just spending hours on social media, which on one side is good for getting inspiration and content ideas, but then bad because it’s distracting and addicting. Especially when you see that ‘heart’ icon pop up on Instagram for that dopamine kick (thanks Simon Sinek for enlightening me about what technology does to your brain and how social media addiction can be detrimental). So, for me to really focus on my goals and work my hardest this year, it’s time to spend less time on my phone scrolling through social media!!

9. Improve blog layout

I have big plans in terms of how I want to change my layout of my blog, because I’ve not been a great fan of my header. The reason why I’ve been putting it off is because I don’t want my site to crash if I go back to changing the HTML and try coding again. But I have big plans, so hopefully during the holidays when I have time, I’ll get round to it.

10. Spend time with people who matter

This one is my favorite. I’ve been surprised at how I’ve been really good at staying in touch with my closest friends on my year abroad (they literally mean THE WORLD to me) and some of them have come to visit me in Paris! I’m literally so excited to see everyone for my birthday, and there’s literally no better way to start the new year with the people who love and support you.

What are your goals for 2018?


Chloe M.

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