My Christmas and Birthday gifts

I know that it’s a bit late now (life got in the way again *ha ha*), but I wanted to share with you guys some of my Christmas and birthday gifts I received during the holidays. I obviously ate all the edible ones, and drank all the prosecco bottles that were offered to me, so you won’t see them in the photos. Sorry!

So first, I got this beautiful faux-fur coat from Monsoon that my aunt and uncle gave to me. As you can see, my aunt’s dog Jack quickly jumped in the photo because he’s a sucker for photos. Literally, what a cutie. I wish I could just pack him and take him to Paris with me…

Christmas and birthday gifts and jack russellFur coat and jack russellFur coat and jack russell

As you can see, this fur coat has quickly become an obsession of mine, and I couldn’t stop wearing it during my first few days back in Paris. On Sunday, I wore it when I visited the Arc de Triomphe with some friends, and we managed the climb to the top after very many flights of stairs that left us completely out of breath once we got up there. This coat just so cozy and I love how it’s a bit oversized so it could literally bury myself in it without getting too cold.

Top of the Arc de triompheTop of the Arc de TriompheFur coat

Another gift is this beautiful rose-gold necklace in the shape of a butterfly that my great Aunt gave to me. This is another one to add to my jewelry collection and I honestly can’t wait to wear it!

Butterfly necklace

Also, I can tell you, diaries are just simply amazing. They just keep my life organized and reminds me of anything I need to do during the day. And yes, I’m old school. I prefer writing stuff down and crossing them out instead of doing it on my phone (because I always get distracted by some notification). Plus, it feels UBER good when I cross something out from my list. Shoutout to my BFF Manon for this present.

Gold journalGold journalGold journal

My friends Chloe and Charlotte also gave me hand and body cream from Lush called a Charity pot (it makes my skin silky smooth) and all the money from the sale they make goes to a cause to help endangered animals; and I also got a milk frother (which I’ve always wanted!!) so I can now have coffee with foamy milk. It’s literally the best part of any cup of coffee.

IMG_7629Coffee frotherCoffee frother

Oh, and did you guys notice I got a new camera? Well I got the Panasonic Lumix LX100 which my parents sent me in a parcel all the way from Asia. I couldn’t be happier! With this camera, you’ll no longer see low res photos taken from my iPhone 5 but now in FULL HD! It takes videos too, so who knows I might be starting a Youtube channel soon *wink wink*.

I’m honestly so thankful for all these presents! Hope you guys had a chance to put your Christmas gifts to good use.

Until next time,


Chloe M.



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