My New Internship at EntreprenHer

Last week, I started my new internship at EntreprenHer. It’s a service that provides networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs who want to exchange ideas and share their experience in business.

It’s been great. My boss is super sweet, I can work wherever I want and I’m learning more about how to manage a social media page, gain followers and promote an event.

During my first week, I helped my team prepare for a masterclass on social media at the Tsuba hotel with Instagram influencer Lala Misaki. Since I was put in charge of decorations, I had to call up different party shops in Paris to see if they had what we were looking for and if it was available with our budget. Our original idea was to put up gigantic balloons to separate the lounge from the dining area where our event was, so that we wouldn’t disturb other guests. Turned out that the balloons weren’t available and we didn’t want to risk breaking them by blowing them up, so we went for artificial bamboos instead which worked out for us perfectly.

At the event, I met so many inspiring women who were founders of startups or who were in the process of creating one. We exchanged ideas, I introduced myself as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and I asked Lala questions on how to improve my Instagram page and contact brands. She has about 60k followers on Instagram, a Youtube channel and has a partnership with Asos so I knew I couldn’t miss out on asking her some questions.


She had a look at my Instagram page and this was what she said: “chloebabes96 is a teenage school girl’s Instagram username!” I was embarrassed of my username, and I didn’t know why I never changed it so all I could do was laugh! So that’s what I did, I changed my username to divina.fashionista and thanks to her advice, I gained 30 followers in 5 days. Honestly though, usernames do play a big part in your social media accounts, especially for businesses. I was so grateful for her feedback.


I really admire Lala, she was so genuine and really funny!! She has one of those contagious laughs that if you were miles away you would tell it’s her if you heard her laugh. She also has an amazing fashion sense, and like me, she believes that beauty goes beyond size.

After that night, I realized that this was everything I wanted to do during my last two months in Paris, and I still can’t believe I was able to secure another internship. I am so thankful.


On applying 

After I finished my internship at Regus, I asked myself what I could do for the last two months in Paris before going to Chile. I wanted to meet interesting people, learn more about marketing and branding whilst ticking off things on my bucket list to do in Paris. So one day, I came across EntreprenHer’s website. I must’ve typed in Google “female entrepreneurs Paris”, and I remember feeling intrigued and fascinated by their company’s values. It was exactly what I was looking for.

I sent an email asking if they were looking for interns and sent them my CV. In French, it’s called a candidature spontanée. A few days later they responded. And soon after, I signed an internship contract!

I’m really looking forward to continuing working with my boss and we have our next event coming on the 23rd of January, a networking breakfast with the founders of the makeup platform Make My Beauty. And if you want to read about how I did it, see what I wrote below if you’re currently looking for an internship.

How to secure an internship

  1. Be active: this means going online, doing your research and signing up for all those new job postings. LinkedIn is such a good resource for networking and looking for jobs, as well as talking to people because it will help spread the word. I saw that one of the brand consultants I met had a LinkedIn connection with the company.
  2. Identify your interests: If you know what your interests are and if you see a company that shares them, then it’s very likely that the enterprise will get you onboard if they know that you’re passionate about the same thing.
  3. Get experience: In order to get an internship, you have to show some degree of experience in that field. If you haven’t, then I recommend you start looking.
  4. Polish up your CV: I know that the French way to write a CV is to stick your photo and fit all your experience and qualifications all into one page. And I’ve realized that it’s enough. It’s better to keep it short and concise, so that way it looks focused and much more polished. Also, put in all your relevant experience from the last 3-4 years that matches with the job responsibilities.
  5. Research before the interview: Research the company, what they stand for and understand what they want to achieve. Do you have any ideas to improve on their project? How can you show that you’re interested in their field? Show that you read up on the news, articles, or books in the field. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what company values or what kind of market you’re in.

And that’s it! I hope you’ll be successful in whatever you want to achieve, because if you set your mind to it, then anything is possible.

Best of luck!

Until next time,


Chloe xxx