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How to look fashionable on a budget

Paris can be really expensive and as a student on a budget, I’m always looking for the latest fashion bargains so I can save money. So many people have asked me where I get my outfits, and when I tell them how much they cost, they always look so surprised. Trust me, it’s not worth it to be spending hundreds of dollars on designer brands when you can find something similar at a much lower price. To be fair, clothes change their value all the time. Here, I’m going to show how you can still look fashionable on a budget.

Shop at the right places – and at the right time

First, look for outlet stores that sell designer items at a cheaper price. After Paris Fashion week in September, I went to the flea market at the women’s museum in Paris and spotted a Chanel scarf for 8 euros. Also, to find the best bargains, I recommend waiting until seasonal sales so you can shop for clothes with a 50% – 70% discount. At the end of each season, brands clear out their seasonal merchandise to make room for their new collection. The day after New Year’s, I got a fur coat as a birthday present which had a 50% discount at Monsoon. Its original price was 129Β£. I Β was ecstatic. And I couldn’t stop wearing it because it looks so BOUJEE.

Fashionable on a budget: grey fur coat and suede boots

Stock up on the fitted basics

Basics are an essential part of any wardrobe. Turtlenecks, plain white or black tees, fitted long-sleeved tops with plain jeans or trousers make you look stylish and well put together. They look amazing under jackets, blazers and coats. Not only are basics affordable, but they are also key to putting any outfit together. I bought this turtleneck for 10Β£ and the mini skirt for about the same price.

Turtleneck and snakeskin bagTurtleneck and snakeskin bag

Look for signature items

Items like handbags, coats, scarves, jackets or shoes can make any outfit stand out if they have a quirky or recognizable quality. I recommend looking in vintage or charity shops for the latest steals on accessories or outerwear. You’d be surprised at what you can find in charity shops! My other blogpost with the sailor cap showed you how I styled my great Aunt’s vintage checkered coat.

Fashionable on a budget: grey fur coat and suede boots


Whether they are understated or bold, accessories like jewelry can complete a look and add a pop of color to an outfit. Adding a bold handbag to an outfit compiled of basics will also make you look expensive. My black handbag with silver detailing only cost me 30 euros, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! So many people said it looked like a designer handbag, but I actually bought it at a store in Gare de L’Est, one of the biggest train stations in Paris.

Fashionable on a budget: butterfly rose gold necklace

Opt for a tailored look

Clothes that fit you like a glove make you 100x more fashionable. You should avoid baggy clothing that just hangs off your body or really tight clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. I know that some people prefer the oversized look, but they always match it with other items like bottoms that fit their body. When looking for a specific item, opt for structure.

And that’s it! I hope this article has given you tips on how to look flawless, boujee, extra – whatever you want to call it. So you, see you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to look expensive.

See you soon!


Chloe M.