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The Oversized Puffer Jacket

Two weekends ago I met Valeria, fashion and lifestyle blogger, and founder of The Perfect Black.Β I saw on her Instagram story that she was coming to Paris, so I invited her for coffee and we worked on a blog collaboration together. She took photos of my new outfit and recent obsession: the staple oversized puffer jacket. I saw a lot of people wear this, so I wanted to try it on myself. I’ve paired this white one with a vinyl skirt and combat boots. A bit daring, I know, but that’s one of the greatest things about fashion. It lets you experiment with clothes and transform yourself.

To be honest, this isn’t an outfit that I’d wear often, but I wanted to try something new. So I let that bold side of me come out *it was also raining, hence the umbrella!!*


I think people would either love or hate this look, but you can’t live your life based on what other people think!! In my previous blogpost, I wrote about tips for dressing fashionably on a budget, and I talked about avoiding oversized clothing. But I’ve come to realize that oversized can be good, as long as it matches with what you’re wearing!

We also came across this quote “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin“, which I found quite topical. It could not be more relevant in today’s political climate. I feel that society and politics have a significant part to play in forging hatred towards others who look different through everything we hear around us, which leads to xenophobia, racism and discrimination. Sad and irrational, I know. But, it should be our responsibility to better educate our generation about it and open the minds of young people. So, if you hear something that doesn’t sound right, then we must learn to speak up.


Anyways, I hope this look has inspired you! I’m honestly so grateful that Valeria was able to take my photos, and she is as good behind the camera as well as in front it! Visit her blog here :

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Should I wear this again?


Chloe M.

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