Hey! Welcome to Divina Fashion Blog, where I get to showcase my favorite trends and share my passion for clothes, writing and travel! I was born in the UK, raised in Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, and now I’ve moved back to the UK for university. Growing up abroad means that I get to travel often and see breathtaking places from all around the world. I’ve made some of my best memories in Asia, Europe, South America and the US, which means that my friends are also scattered across the globe. It’s hard to imagine myself being rooted in just one place. So this is me, embracing my Third Culture Kid background.

I’ve always loved clothes ever since I can remember. I will never forget the first time I tried on my mother’s Chinese silk dress and slipped my feet into her high heels once too large for me as a little girl. The emotions I felt were a mixture of curiosity and excitement. Now, I’ve come to realize how important my personal style is to me as it has helped me with my self-esteem, confidence and my attitude on a day-to-day basis. Clothes have become such an intrinsic part of my identity because I believe they can shape me into the woman I want to become. So as a promise I made to myself, I’m going to share with you on my blog what I do to put together different outfits and summarize the current trends that circulate the media. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do it while on my year abroad.

So here I will be sharing my journey with you from my year abroad in Paris and Chile.



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